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Chakras are our energy centers. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. We open and close these valves when we decide what to think, and what to feel, and through which  perceptual filter we choose to experience the world around us. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical,If you would like to make a school essay writing services which works mental and emotional interactions.

When a stressed chakra is shutting down, academic writing Iphone Apps a healthier chakra will often expand to compensate for the lowering of the whole energy system. The chakras are typically team players. Still, it is not healthy for any one player in a team to pull more than his share of the weight for prolonged periods. Expansion for the sake of picking up the slack will eventually put strain on the relationship. Ultimately, the whole team will suffer. »More

Note: The seven major chakras have individual functions and purposes.10 Warning Signs Of Your write my essay for me Demise However, the chakra system works best when all the chakras function in concert. When the chakras are not functioning together optimally as a healthy team illness and disease manifests.

Do the Chackra test to learn the state of your chakras and open the ones necessary using the chakra meditations. »Click Here
  Chakra | Exploring the Major Chakras  

Exploring the Major Chakras
By Phylameana lila Desy, About.com

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Root Chakra
Chakra One

The Base or Root Chakra is associated with the color red. This chakra is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth energies and empower our beings. Focusing one's attention on the color of a cherry popsicle or a juicy red apple can help bring our energetic body "down to earth" and in alignment with our physical body when we find ourselves energetically fleeting or in other words....."spacing off."

Chakra One - Associations

  • Color - red
  • Sanskrit Name - muladhara
  • Physical Location - base of the spine
  • Purposes - kinesthetic feelings, movement
  • Spiritual Lesson - material world lessons
  • Physical Dysfunctions- lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal tumors, depression, immune related disorders
  • Mental and Emotional Issues - survival, self esteem, social order, security, family
  • Information Stored Inside Root Chakra - familial beliefs, superstitions, loyalty, instincts, physical pleasure or pain, touch
  • Area of Body Governed - spinal column, kidneys, legs, feet, rectum, immune system
  • Exercises that stimulate the root chakra
  • Foods that fuel the root chakra

Gemstones and Flower Essences

Gemstones and Flower Essences that stimulate, cleanse and energize the root chakra

»More Chakras

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